When you have a .bib with hundred of references, it can be annoying to hunt through it looking for a specific entry and \cite key. That’s why we’ve made it possibleto search for entries in your .bib files by author, title, year or journal, and then enter the citation key directly without needing to leave the editor:

References Search Modal

To access the search, press Ctrl-Space in the citation-key autocomplete menu:

Citation Autocomplete Menu

I hope you enjoy using this feature and that it improves your citing workflow. Let us know what you think!

Posted by James Allen on 07 Mar 2016

Many of your have requested this feature, we are really pleased that over the last few weeks we have been working away adding auto complete of your reference keys inside your latex project. To try it out just start your \cite command and see the references popup.

Autocomplete from your reference bibliography file

We hope you like this improvment as much as we do!

Posted by Henry Oswald on 09 Feb 2016

We have just released a long time requested feature, word count. You can now find out how many more words you are over for your next assignment. This feature is built on top of the great work of Einar Andreas Rødland and his TeXcount project. total words in your latex project

To perform a word count on your LaTeX project you first need to compile. You will then be able to perform the word count which is in the left hand menu.

TeXCount is found in the left hand menu

Posted by Henry Oswald on 15 Sep 2015