We’ve done a lot of work to make your compiles run as quickly as possible on our server, but we still have to transfer the PDF to your browser to display it. For large files, like a thesis with lots of images, this can take quite a while. That’s why we’ve completely rewritten our PDF viewer to only download the individual pages that you need. The round-trip time from pressing compile to seeing the updated document should now be a lot quicker for large files!

Everyone now using the in built pdf viewer will be using the new faster viewer.

Posted by Henry Oswald on 21 Apr 2015

We’re pleased to announce the official release of one of our most requested and anticipated features (it’s only been on the roadmap for about 2 years…) GitHub Sync! You can now link your ShareLaTeX projects to GitHub repositories, and push and pull changes. If you’re a git user this will open up some exciting new offline and collaborative workflows.

Getting started

To get started you need to link your account to github allowing ShareLaTeX to read your repositories. You will be prompted to start the linking when you either clone from a github repo or want to push to a new github repo. It is also possible to link your account via the User Settings page.

Import from Github

You can easily import a project from github into a new ShareLaTeX repo via the new project button.

Import from ShareLaTeX

Push and pull to github

From inside the ShareLaTeX editor you can easily push and pull changes from Github meaning you are always in sync.

Editor Preview

Posted by Henry Oswald on 10 Feb 2015

I am really pleased to announce that ShareLaTeX.com has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Making LaTeX available to everyone is one of our core goals so removing the barrier of needing to know english was on our road map for a long time.

We are not stopping at just Spanish and Portuguese, if you would like to see ShareLaTeX in your local langauge and can help with the translation process please get in touch here!

Posted by Henry Oswald on 21 Aug 2014